Grid Computing

GRIDs can be defined as collections of shared, geographically distributed hardware and software resources which are made available via a middleware software layer to groups of remote users.

  • The SEE++ Calculation Server Components
    These components consist of a SEE++ Calculation Server and a client component (preferably the SEE++ Software Application). The Calculation Server integrates the mathematical core of the SEE-KID project and makes it available to clients via a Webservice Interface. The SEE++ Calculation Server is available as native Windows (x32, x64), Linux (32 and 64-Bit) and Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel) binaries.

  • The SEE-GRID Project
    The SEE-GRID project was an Austrian Grid project carried out by a collaboration of the RISC Institute of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz and the Research Unit Medical-Informatics of the RISC Software GmbH. The  Austrian Grid Project was funded by the Austrian BMBWK (Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture) under contract GZ 4003/2-VI/4c/2004. The first version of Grid Enabled SEE++ was developed in 2004. From spring 2006 to spring 2008, the SEE-KID project was also involved in the European EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-scienceE) project. The SEE-GRID project was successfully finished by the end of 2009.