Calculation Server

The SEE++ Calculation Server enables remote users to use the complete model core over the local network or over the Internet. The Calculation Server exposes its functions as Webservice and therefore offers high compatibility for many possible client implementations. Moreover, the SEE++ Calculation Server can be used as Master Server in order to delegate calculation tasks to other Calculation Servers running in the network or even over the Internet.

calculation server diagram

Using this scalable technology, calculation times can be drastically improved while hardware requirements for client computers are not so demanding. The Calculation Server also uses caching between Master and Worker Servers as well as between Server and Client computers to further optimize performance. The SEE++ application can connect to any SEE++ Calculation Server in that the server’s address is entered in the global program options.

Within the SEE-KID project, a Matlab interface has been developed for the SEE++ Calculation Server as well as a bridge server in order to use the Webservice with Java-RMI based applications.

The SEE++ Calculation Server as well as the Matlab interface can be found in the download section.