Matlab Interface

Within the SEE-KID project, a Matlab interface has been developed that allows using the SEE-KID model core in connection with the SEE++ Calculation Server. The Matlab interface and the SEE++ Calculation Server can be found in the download section of this homepage.

matlab screenshot

The interface requires as a minimum Matlab version 2006b in order to function correctly. With installation, five example files for geometry, Hess-Lancaster-Test, Innervation Contour Plots and Listing’s Plane are included to demonstrate the usage. The screenshot below shows an example of using the Matlab interface for calculating Hess-Lancaster simulations. First, the model data-structure is acquired from the server, afterwards a model parameter is modified in the data structure and the fixation points are defined. This modified data structure is then sent back to the server to calculate all fixation points and the result can be polled from the server after the calculation has finished.
Other functions of the Matlab interface include geometrical calculations and force model calculations. On the whole, the interface offers over 40 functions that enable a remote user to control all model parameters and calculations. When using this functions, remote users can implement their own simulation of  a binocular test or compose new models in a very easy and efficient way.