Cover Test

With cover/uncover testing in SEE++, the virtual patient can fixate a target and the user can move a cover between the eyes. Immediately after covering of one eye, the fellow eye can be observed for movement. If the opposite eye moves to pick up fixation on the target, the eyes are misaligned. The direction that the eye moves to pick up fixation on the target indicates the direction of misalignment (e.g. movements from outward or inward eye positions). Moreover, latent or manifest strabismus can be differentiated in that fusional ability can be entered in the system. The SEE++ system precalculates any simulated situation and can afterwards show the cover/uncover testing in realtime, which enables the user to interactively train eye motility diagnostics.

seepp cover test

For the simulation of simple pathological cases, an automatic generator for parameter values is included in SEE++. Therefore, the angle of squint in primary position is entered and the system finds parameter values for simple muscle palsies or concomitant forms of squint. Especially this very reliable function enables new users to get in touch with the system without modifying model parameters in order to simulate pathological situations. For studying cover testing, head tilt testing and the interpretation of Hess-Lancaster examinations this is a very helpful tool.

seepp pathology generator