Simulation results of the test can be visualized in form of Hess-diagrams (left eye and right eye fixing) and in form of a text-based view (squint-angles diagram). Additionally, the Parks-Bielschowsky Head-Tilt-Test can be simulated and results are visualized in 3D and in the Hess-diagrams. During this test, the head of the patient is tilted towards the left or right shoulder in order to stimulate the vestibular-ocular reflex in terms of intorsion on the side to which the head is tilted and extorsion on the partner eye. When the Bielschowsky Head-Tilt Test is simulated in SEE++, the 3D-view acts as an orientation guide by visualizing the actual head tilt. While the Hess-diagrams offer a visual impression of a pathological situation and can be calculated for freely chosen gaze positions, the squint-angles diagram offers a text-based illustration of the deviation values in the nine main gaze directions.

seepp program overview

SEE++ simulates established surgery techniques like transposition, recession and resection of eye muscles interactively. During surgery, new points are marked with a pair of compasses starting from so-called points of orientation or measuring points. This results in better orientation on the globe. Usually, the points of orientation are arranged around the pupil. Further points are created by marking off spherical distances, thus offering the possibility to better carry out a virtual surgery. SEE++ also offers orientation guidelines for surgery as a functional topography for the evaluation of muscle actions.

For experienced research oriented users, a state viewer, originally implemented by Miller in his computer software Orbit™, makes available all internal model data for further manual processing in spreadsheet software or technical computing software (e.g. MatLab). Furthermore, when using the SEE++ model core components, a calculation server can be run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux platforms providing a web service interface to all model calculations and data. The SEE++ package also features a MatLab interface for running model calculations and developing new models.

seepp transposition surgery
seepp state viewer